Best website traffic estimator to check your traffic

Whether you are a new comer in blog and created a blog, you should check your site traffic regularly. Because it is very important to check the website’s traffic if you are going to be succeed in it. Specially we start a blog to make money online. So, if your site doesn’t get traffic you can’t earn a little amount. Again You can not estimate your blogging success without checking your visitors. Suppose you posted some posts in your site. If you check which posts are performing well and getting more visitors, you can get idea for future posts. Then you can give the best performing post later and can hit your site easily. There are many online website traffic estimator tools in which you can check your website traffic. You can also check your competitors website traffic through these online traffic estimator website. Check out the top top 5 website traffic estimator tools here.

5 best website traffic estimator tools

1) Google AdWords Keyword planner
Keyword planner tool by Google AdWords is a most helpful and free online website traffic estimator tool ever. Because, you can not imagine how much works can b with it is. It is created for the help of advertisers. It is also an important tool for the website owner. They can check their site traffic with it. Even they can check their individual post’s traffic by this tool. You can get the perfect keywords with it and boost your site in search engine. You can also check your website’s most performing keywords with CPC, Impression etc.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner - website traffic estimator

2. Google analytics
Google analytics is  a another best website traffic estimator to check your site traffic. You can check general and full trends  of your website. You can also get regional information, live visitors, location of visitors, session, page views etc here. It is very helpful when you want to know about the best keywords and groups of keywords to use your site. You can also get information which keywords are performing well for your site. Really it is a good website traffic estimator to find your traffic and searching best keywords to boost your site.

Google Analytics - website traffic estimator

3)  SEMrush
This is a premium website traffic estimator tool. It is also well-known for searching high quality long tail keywords. If you use this website traffic estimator tool perfect way, you can get more benefits from here. You can check your site with accurate numbers of visitors and with keywords and key-phrases. These keywords will help you extremely to get a good idea for posting high quality content to your site. Though SeMrush is a premium website traffic estimator tool, you cab also access this tool for 15 days. It is a free trial for you. Here you can miss many important features. So to get full access in SEMrush, take it’s premium version at $499.

SEMrush - website traffic estimator

It is a excellent website to check the site traffic with discovering the unique visitors. Even you can compare many sites with same page to get the knowledge of traffic of your competitors. But it has a disadvantage that you can only check the traffic coming from United States. You can buy also the pro-version of the Here you can access for 2 years and can check your site traffic with competitors. Compete also offer free access to their tool but if you want to get the pro-version you can take it easily. Here you have to spend $499/month.

Compete - website traffic estimator
5) Alexa
We are familiar with this website. Generally we know that Alexa provides the websites ranking worldwide. Alexa ranking is so much important for the website owners to attract the advertiser. But you can also see your website traffic with it. Though there is a complain with it that the showing traffic is not accurate. But when you compare your website with competitors, traffic information will be more accurate. With Alexa, you can estimate common traffic trends of your blog. So, you can compare your site with your competitors with common traffic trends, not with numbers of visitors. But if you get it’s premium version, you can more information about your website and can increase your alexa ranking easily.

website traffic estimator

So, check your site traffic regularly and aware with your site stats. It will help you to take decision about your site. If your site get low traffic, then try to boost it. Make your site more seo friendly to get more search engine visibility. Bye for this day. See you again in our next post.