How to make a wordpress website step by step

Are you thinking to make a wordpress website or blog? Then you have to choose a perfect hosting provider for your website. If you are a clever man, you will select the best WordPress optimized hosting for your new website. Because, by only WordPress optimized hosting, you can get quickly success in your website. As a beginner blogger, you should take a shared hosting plan for your blog for saving your cost. At first begin your journey with starter pack. Later upgrade it according your website traffic. It is very tough to select the best web hosting. But you have to do. Because, your website success is largely depended on your website hosting provider. You can check the best wordpress web hosting in our previous post. WordPress recommended three web hosting – Bluehost, Dreamhost and Laughing Squid. Among them Bluehost is the top WordPress recommended hosting from 2005.

How to make a wordpress website step by step

To create a wordpress site, you have to follow the below steps-

  1. Choose a perfect domain name for your website 
  2. Select a best WordPress optimized web hosting
  3. Complete your WordPress Installation
  4. Complete guide to install wordpress theme
  5. Install recommended wordpress plugins
  6. Important  Wordpress site settting.

We are describing this article according the above sequence. Some topics haven’t completed. Just wait, we will finish soon. Making a useful and complete wordpress guide is our goal. So just stay us.

1) Choose a perfect Domain Name

Choosing a domain is the first step to build a blog or website. Without purchasing a domain name you can’t create your self hosted website. Though in some online organization you can make a free blog , but that is not actually belongs to you. They may removed your free website at any time without any reason. So to make your own website, you have to buy a domain name. Again if you want to start a website to earn money online, then you must buy a perfect domain name. There are many important consideration and thought for choosing a perfect domain name.

Read the full Domain name ideas for choosing a perfect domain.

2) Select a best web hosting

I have been with Bluehost WordPress Hosting for over 1 year. Really I am very happy with this best WordPress hosting. Because, their customer supports are really awesome. Again server uptime are pleasant than other web hosting providers. You will get 24 hours support at any day for maintaining your wordpress website.

Why you use Bluehost Hosting for your wordpress website?

1) Bluehost is the main recommended hosting by WordPress from 2005.
2) In Bluehost, WordPress installation is very easier to start a new WordPress blog.
3) You will get a free domain for your new website during purchasing the hosting.
4) You will get 24/7 all type support for maintaining your site.
5) Affordable Hosting price
6) There is a money back guarantee if you will disappoint with them.

Sign Up for Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Creating a new Bluehost account is very simple. You must Sign Up to get your Bluehost WordPress hosting. You can only create the account when you will purchase it. So, buy bluehost wordpress hosting and a get account on Bluehost. At first enter Bluehost Official website to get the hosting. If you go to this link, you can buy your WordPress Bluehost hosting at only $3.49/month instead of regular $7.99/month.

♦ Now click on ‘get started now’ button to start your wordpress website.

Wordpress website -Sign Up for Bluehost WordPress Hosting

♦ On the next page, you have to choose a plan. Bluehost provides 3 plans on it’s wordpress shared hosting. They are – Starter, Plus and Business Pro. If you are a beginner and  want to create only a website, then you can select their Starter plan. But if you are thinking to built multiple website, then select the Plus plan. Bluehost Business pro plan is actually for the business site.

Make a wordpress website - Bluehost hosting plans

♦ After you have to select your desired domain name. It will be the best one, if  your domain name will be simple, easy to spell and easy to remember. Bluehost offers a free domain with  their all hosting package. Take this great advantage. So,  Enter your desired domain name and click on ‘next’ button.

Make a wordpress website - Free domain name in Bluehost

♦ On the next page, you have to fill up your account information, billing information & package information. On account information section, give your Name, Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Zip code etc. Make sure your all entered informations are correct.

Make a wordpress website - Bluehost account information

♦ On the package information, choose your desired account plan. If you will take hosting for the longer period, you can save more money. I recommend you to buy 36-month plan. You should uncheck the options like Domain Privacy Protection, SiteLock Domain Security, Search Engine Jumpstart etc. You needn’t these features to maintain your wordpress website. Just These will increase your cost.

Make a wordpress website - Bluehost package information

♦ Now Select your payment method Credit card or Paypal on the billing information section.  If you don’t find the Paypal option, Click on ‘More payment options’.

Make a wordpress website - Bluehost billing information

♦ Click on ‘Next’ button. Then you will get the Paypal payment page or Credit Card order page. Finished your payment now. After submitting the hosting payment, your account will be activated automatically. Then you will get a confirmation message to your provided email from Bluehost. You will also get your cPanel access information to your email.

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3) Install WordPress Blog

After creating a Bluehost account, you have to install your wordpress site on it. You can install your self hosted wordpress website on Bluehost by it’s One Click WordPress installation tool. Through wp installation tool you can install your wordpresss blog easily . You needn’t to know any coding knowledge or even technical skills for this wp installation. It will take only 3-5 minutes to install your wordpress website.

♣ See details ⇒ How to install wordpress blog on bluehost within 5 minutes.

4) Install wordpress theme

After WordPress installation, your main task will be to install a perfect wordpress theme. You can install a wordpress theme by various methods. They are Installation themes using wordpress admin theme search, uploading theme file and unsing FTP. But as beginner you should follow first two methods. Because Installing a WordPress theme using FTP may create big problem for you. In this case you must have minimum knowledge on your Hosting Cpanel. So, it is so advanced method for the beginner. Don’t worry you can install your wordpress them easily by bellow methods.

♣  Complete guide to install wordpress theme.

5) Install recommended wordpress plugins

Once you installed wordpress blog, you need some important wordpress plugin in your site. WordPress Plugins is a such kind of tool which gives you additional features for your WordPress site. WordPress Plugin is only the feature of  Self hosted WordPress site. By adding plugin to your WordPress site, you will have many  extra features to your blog like photo gallery, video gallery, slideshow etc. Check out some most essential plugin to install in your wordpress blog.

Akismet :This is very helpful and WordPress recommended Plugin. You can prevent the spam comment easily by this best wordpress plugin. Actually It will help you to prevent your wordpress website hacking indirectly.
WordPress SEO by Yoast: This is the another most popular and widely used Wp plugin. You can make your posts more seo friendly. By that way your site will get more traffic easily.
Jetpack by Jetpack is a such kind of WordPress plugin by which you can see your site stats easily. You can check your wordpress website visitors, page view etc through this plugin.
Wordfence : Wordfence is a another most widely used and popular wordpress plugin. It will prevent your site hacking and ensure your wordpress website security. If you use premium Wordfence, you needn’t worry about your site security.
BWS Captcha Plugins: This is a another helpful plugin. It is needed for you to prevent spam comment and spam login attempt. By using captcha you can increasing your wordpress website security.

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