Newly installed WordPress site settings with SEO

Newly installed WordPress site settings is so much important for the beginner. Because, after installed a wordpress site, you need to set up properly. There are a some important WordPress site settings which can’t be avoid. Then you will face many problems. WordPress site SEO is also dependent on this set up, so you must give importance to WordPress site setting. There are some important WordPress site settings which should set up at the early stage. Here it is example as WordPress site permalink structure. This permalink setting should be done after installing a wordpress site. Otherwise you may face serious traffic issue when it will change later. So, there are some WordPress site settings which you should set up at first. Now, see the most important WordPress site settings which you should set up after installing your wordpress site.

Important WordPress site settings after installation

1) Site Name:

You know that site name is an important issue. Sometimes website owner or website developer don’t set up site name during WordPress installation without awareness. To set up your WordPress site name go to Setting>General from your wordpress dashboard. Then write your site name and save it.

Newly installed WordPress site settings with SEO

2) Site meta Description :

Like site name, site description is also so important for any site. It shows the site short description with which the site is made. It has also a great significance in SEO. To add your WordPress site meta description, go to Setting > General from your sidebar again. Then write a short description having main keywordsOf your site. Save the changes.

3) Edit Permalinks:

Now the time to change your site permalink structure. It is a so much important newly wordpress set up I think. Because, late changes of wordpress site permalink structure loss your site traffic. To get your site permalink structure, go to Setting>Permalinks . Now choose %postname% permalink structure format for better SEO. Select ‘By Post name’ option to make this. Save changes.

4) Edit your profile:

It has great importance to increase WordPress site security. Do you know by your author name anyone can find your admin panel username? Generally most of the wordpress theme show the author nickname in URL as default. But, this nickname is the username actually. Even after hide your nickname in wordpress dashboard, it will show in URL. You can hide your username from your author URL by one a way. To hide it go to Your hosting cpanel and open PhpMyAdmin from the cpanel. Then find out your site database and open _users line from the table. Now change your present nickname (actually username) to your own wish. It will hide your real username permanently.

5) Install Important Plugins :

As a beginner, you need to install some important WordPress plugins. We see that many new comer in WordPress, install plugins without consideration of rating. Even they install some types of plugins which are unnecessary. Keep in mind that the more install of plugins, the more increase of site loading. So, to make website more fast and speedy, install less numbers of plugins. Install only those plugins which are necessary for your site and which have good rating. You should also see the current installed numbers to select the best wordpress plugins. To run your site perfectly, you need Yoast SEO plugin, Jet Pack, BWS plugins, Akismat, Wordfence, WP Super Cache, Smrush etc.

These are the enough newly installed WordPress site settings. There are more settings in wordpress site which is needed to run it. But, as a new comer in wordpress you should set up the above setting first. Later, you can ahead to set up SEO setting in wordpress. We will show that in our next post. If you have any question about this post, then please leave a feedback in below comment box.