How to install wordpress theme for beginners

Are you trying to install a WordPress theme? You can’t? Don’t worry, as a beginner it is a common matter for of all us. To install wordpress theme is a so easier task. You can do it easily if you get a little help. You have known about free WordPress theme and premium WordPress theme. If you aren’t able to buy a premium WordPress them, you should use the free theme from the WordPress theme directory. Because, there are a few risks to use these free WordPress theme for your site security. If you are able to use a premium wp them, you should do that. Because only premium them can prevent hacking of your site surprisingly. We recommend you to use Genesis Framework by StudioPress. It is the top WordPress premium them at now. This post ‘How to install wordpress theme for beginners’ is a part of our running series ‘How to make a wordpress website step by step‘. You can follow this series to create a successful blog for you.

What should you follow before installing a WordPress theme?

1) Download wp theme from a reliable source.
2) Try to use only theme from theme directory, if you use free.
3) Never use modified premium WordPress them by anyone. Because most cases many harmful codes are being added in these free premium WordPress theme. These type of code can destroy your site security. Even you may lost your site.
4) Use simple WordPress theme but seo friendly. Because seo friendly theme can increase your site traffic easily. So, grab SEO friendly WordPress theme for your benefit.

Complete guide to install wordpress theme

You can install wordpress theme by many ways. There are installing themes using wordpress admin theme search, uploading theme file and unsing FTP server. But as beginner you should follow first two methods. Because Install WordPress theme using FTP may create problem for you. In this case you must have minimum knowledge on Cpanel. So, it is so advanced method for the beginner. Don’t worry you can install your wordpress them easily by bellow methods.

Install wordpress theme from WordPress Admin Theme Search

If you want to install a WordPress theme from the themes directory, you can do it from your WordPress admin page.
1) At first go to your WordPress Dashboard and find out ‘Appearance’ from the left sidebar. Now click on Appearance> Themes.

Install WordPress Theme 1
2) Once you are in Themes page, you can see ‘Add New’ button at the top. Click on it.

Install WordPress Theme 2
3) One the next page, you will find some option like Featured, Popular, Latest etc. You can select your free WordPress theme using these option. If you have known any popular wp theme that is available in themes directory, you can search that in search box. Mythemeshop’s Point may be a better choice here. Because it is one of the top 50 WordPress theme. You can use it freely. It has also the premium version. However, enter Point and search it on search box.

Install WordPress Theme 3
4) When you find the theme after searching, you can see ‘Install’ button at the bottom. Click on it to install. You can also check your site how it will work by clicking ‘Preview’ button.

Install WordPress Theme 4
5) Now WordPress will take a moment to install wordpress them. When it will be completed, you can see the options ‘Live Preview’ and ‘Activate’.

Install WordPress Theme 5
6) Finally click on ‘Activate’ button to active your WordPress theme. Now you are done to install WordPress them in your site.

Install WordPress theme uploading file on WordPress Admin Panel:

The above method that we described is applicable for the theme of themes directory. But if you want to install a WordPress premium theme, you have to use this method. There are many top rated Premium wordpress themes providers like  StudioPress, ThemeLab, iThemes etc. You can choose top class wordpress premium theme from there. However to Install WordPress theme uploading file on WordPress Admin Panel, follow the above 1-3 steps. Now you can see ‘Upload theme’ option at sage 3.

Install WordPress Theme 6

Upload the file of your premium wordpress theme from your computer. It may .zip or .rar file. But you have to upload only .zip formate to install your wordpress theme.

Install WordPress Theme 7

Now WordPress will take some times to install wordpress them. When it will be finished, you can see the options ‘Live Preview’ and ‘Activate’.

Install WordPress Theme 5

6) Finally click on ‘Activate’ button to active your WordPress theme. Now you are done to install WordPress them in your site