How to install wordpress plugins from dashboard

WordPress Plugins are tools which give additional features to the WordPress users. Plugin is the extra feature from Self hosted WordPress site. Because, if you create a free blog on, you can’t install WordPress plugins to your site. Even you can’t find the any Plugin Installing option there. After WordPress installation on your site, you have to know how to install WordPress plugins. Because, it is a essential task for the WordPress users. Adding plugin to your Self-hosted WordPress, you will have many features to your blog like photo gallery, video gallery, slideshow etc. Do you know why WordPress is the top cms in the world? Because, there are thousands of paid and free plugins are available for the WordPress installed site. So, you can get all kind of features and benefits from here.

Install wordpress plugins from dashboard

You can install WordPress plugins by 3 different ways. They are Install Searching plugin from WordPress Dashboard, Installing plugin uploading the file and using ftp. But as a new comer in WordPress, you should follow the first two ways. These is very simple for you. Installing WordPress Plugin using dashboard is the most simple and easiest way. You can install wordpress plugins by this method just some clicks.

1) At first enter your WordPress Dashboard. Once you are there, Click on Plugins > Add New. Now you can see a page like bellow image. You can also see a search box at the upper-right corner. Search the plugin which you want to install in your WordPress blog.

install wordpress plugins 1
2)¬†See the bellow screenshot, I searched ‘Theme Check’ plugin. Now The plugin ‘Theme Check’ has been find out showing ‘Install Now’ button. Click on it to install this WordPress plugin to your site. Once you clicked, WordPress will take few moments to install it. At this moment you will see some message like – Installing Plugin : Theme Check, unpacking the package…etc.

install wordpress plugins 2
3) Then you will get ‘Active Plugin’ option to activate this WordPress Theme Check plugin. After refreshing the page, you will see the Theme Checks’ row in a different color in your Installed Plugin page. Now change necessary things of your plugin from the setting panel.

install wordpress plugins 3
Here we explained how to install WordPress plugins using WordPress dashboard by direct searching. But you can also install plugin by uploading file to your WordPress dashboard or ftp. If you want to install plugin using a file downloaded from a third party site, then upload that file to your dashboard. ( To find out the upload option, see the first screenshot above) Once you uploaded, activate the plugin file like before. But it is not a good work to install WordPress plugins from 3rd party file. It may create problem for your site security. So, to ensure your WordPress blog security, install plugins using the above method.