How to increase alexa rank fast of your site

Alexa ranking is a most popular way to measure the popularity of a site. It shows the visitors, popularity in a country, site stats, site linking and so more of a site. It has no effect on blog SEO now.How to increase alexa rank fast of your site Because for frequently changing the algorithm, Alexa has lost it’s appeal. They give more importance for their premium customers. For this reason different search engines don’t allow the alexa rank to their search effect. But Alexa ranking is so much important yet for your blog, if you want to do affiliate marketing. Because the publisher give their advertisement to your site if you have a good alexa ranking. Among the publishers alexa ranking is so much important. Because they find the popularity of a site by alexa ranking. However, now see the topics to increase alexa rank fast of your site bellow.

Ways to increase alexa rank fast of your site

Update site with daily content :

It is a killer way to increase alexa rank fast of your site. Publish at least 2 posts within a day. Then you can see the changes of alexa ranking of your site. You needn’t to give posts more in a day. Just keep draft those posts and publish average 2 posts daily from there.

Add Alexa Rank Widget

Alexa provides you Alexa Rank Widget to add your site. By this widget you and your visitors can see the alexa ranking state through this. In this widget you can find your present alexa ranking. It also shows the site back-linking of your site.

Use Alexa tollbar

By using alexa toollbar you can able to increase alexa rank fast. Alexa provides some toolbar that will help you to increase alexa rank fast of your site. The Alexa Extension for Chrome is a such type of toolbar which improved your alexa ranking. Install Alexa Extension in your chrome browser. This toollbar gives you the details information about Alexa ranking state, Alexa site linking, Alexa country ranking, site loading time etc.

Request your site review

Alexa ranking is not dependent only the site traffic, but also the site review and user opinion is needed for this ranking. So request the visitors to give a review of your site. You can also buy the alexa opinion to increase the number of review of your site.

Increase high quality backlinks

To increase alexa rank fast of your site, you need to increase the high quality backlink of your site. So, increase your site linking and see the remarkable changes of your alexa rank after one month later. You can see the topic how to increase high quality backlinks easily in our previous post. It will help you to improved your alexa ranking.