How to upload video to blogger blog (with pictures)

Video is a important content in website. It has a great importance for the blogging website. You can need to upload video to blogger blog sometimes.How to upload video to blogger blog But as a beginners, you can’t upload video in your blogger blog or can’t get find out the any downloading options in your new created blog on blogger. Generally, the new comer can’t add the video in blogger post. But it is very easy to insert a video to your blogger post. Even you can add Youtube video to your blogger post that we will show you later details. We showed you in short how to upload video to blogger in our previous post ( How to create a new blogger post ). If you have read that then it will be so easier for you today.

If you have made your blog for adsense, you should avoid the copyrighted video uploading your site. Because Google authority doesn’t give you the opportunity to use copyrighted content in your site. So if you need to upload video to blogger, you should upload your own videos. However, Now see our toady’s post about how to upload video to blogger blog.

Steps to upload video to blogger blog

1) Go to the ‘New post’ page and find the video icon on the menu bar. You can find a video icon like bellow image and click on it.

How to upload video to blogger post

2) After entering the ‘Insert a video’ options, you will see a pop up new window having uploading options. If you want to upload a video from your computer to insert your blogger post, now select the video from your computer and upload that. After uploading the video select that and you are done.

How to insert video to blogger post
3) You can also insert a Youtube video to your blogger post. In the pop up window you can find a option named ‘From Youtube’, just click on the option and you will see a window like following image. How to add youtube video to blogger post

4) Paste your desired Youtube video url on the search box and search that. When you find your video from youtube here, just select and insert that in your blogger post.


You can also upload video to blogger blog from your phone or your webcam those options included here. Youtube video can be insert in blogger post by many ways those we will show you in our next post. Just stay us and enjoy more exclusive post.