How to get high quality backlinks free one way

High quality backlinks is a secret way to get more visitors in blog. Some say that the backlink’s day has been finished already. But it is not correct. The high quality backlinks effect on seach engine is present still now. If you can build high quality backlinks in your site, it is sure that you can get more traffic. A high quality backlink is like a hundred of poor quality backlinks. Again if you build nofollow backlink to your site, it can not effect to the search engine. Then your work will be failed. Again, you should get the backlinks from the top ranked website than you.  Dear friends, Today we will show you how to build high quality backlinks with some technique. It is an important issue for getting more traffic in your blog. So get attention to it.How to get high quality backlinks free one way

What is backlink?

Backlink is a incoming hyperlink of a website which is connect with another website. This backlink is generally presented in another website and through which the search engine and visitors enter it’s origin. Suppose, a post link of your website is – . Now you inset this link to your friend website. The inserted link in your friend website is considered as a backlink of your own website. Backlinks are two type. They are Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks. If your inserted baclinks are nofollow then it can not effect on search engine. For your site ranking and traffic it is valueless. If you need to know about dofollow and nofollow link, you can check our previous post. We have published already how to create dofollow and nofollow link.

Ways to get high quality backlinks free one way

1) Write high quality long article

It is a good idea to get high quality backlinks free one way. But many of us don’t give attention on it. We sometimes share articles or tutorials with our friends to teach them somethings. Generally we share those article which are effective, long. So, make your blog article seo friendly, effective and long. Insert associate images, diagrams, charts in your blog post. Then it will increase the attraction of your visitors. Create more tutorial based blog post. It will help you to make high quality backlink. Then Visitors will share your article simultaneously.

2) Forum participation

There are more dofollow forums by which you can get high quality backlinks. It is an easy work to createt high quality backlinks. In forum many people ask the answer about many issues. You should follow the issu about your blog content. When someone ask somethings, you can give the answer inserting your article link. You can tell them to check your article to solve the issue.

3) Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a good platform to increase the site backlinks. When you create a article or post in a blog which is not belongs to you is called as a guest blogging. Buy guest blogging you can build high quality backlinks. There are more top ranked website which allow you to submit your article. You can insert your blog post link there as reference. For this reason, you must make a good quality post. We will make a post with list of top guest blogging site to get high quality backlinks later.

4) Make Social Networking Site Profile

It is a another good technique to get high quality backlinks. There are many social networking site in which you can create your profile freely. In your profile you can insert your site link. Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, reddit etc are the top social networking site. Share your blog post there and get high quality backlinks easily. Generally social networking sites page ranks are top. It will help your site getting more traffic.

5) Do blog commenting

It is a good technique to get high quality backlinks easily for the beginners. Because it is very easy to comment on somethings. There are some sites which comment links are dofollow. It will help your site to place top position. So when you will visit someone website visiting a article, try to leave a comment. If they allow you to insert a link then put your own link. Otherwise insert your site link in ‘Website’ field in comment box.


However, there are hundreds way to get high quality backlinks to your site. We only introduced you the top one. We must give more post about on it later. Just stay us and enjoy more blogging tips here.