How to enable responsive blogger mobile template

Mobile template is an important issue for any website now. Because, now most of the visitors are coming from the mobile device. So you should make your site mobile friendly for your site benefit.Enable blogger mobile template Recently Google change their search algorithm and they give a great importance for the mobile friendly website. So to compete with other website, you website must be mobile friendly. In Blogger, you can create a site mobile friendly easily. You needn’t to enable blogger mobile template if you have installed a responsive blogger template in your site. Because,  a responsive blogger template has the ability to view the mobile and desktop version with the same template. Otherwise, You should enable your site to mobile friendly if you have used only desktop version. Now see our today’s tutorial.

Is your site mobile friendly ?

You can check your site whether that is mobile friendly. Check your site from the google site testing tools. PageSpeed Insights is a such type of tool by which you can check your site details. Then check your site if it is mobile friendly by Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Just enter your any web page URL and click on ‘Analyze’ button and see the result.

How to enable blogger mobile template

1) Go to your blogger dashboard and click on ‘Template’. Then you can see a new window like bellow image.

How to enable responsive blogger mobile template

2) Find ‘Mobile’ and click on it’s bellow wheel to enable the mobile template.

3) Now your are here ‘Template › Choose mobile template’. Select ‘ Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices’.

How to enable blogger mobile template

4) Then choose a blogger mobile template. You can find many mobile template which you can enable for your site. Just select your desired mobile template and preview that. After Save it and you are done.

Enable responsive blogger mobile template

After enabling your site with mobile friendly template, you have to face some issues. You can’t see your sidebar, widget or gadget, Navigation menu in your blogger mobile template. But, these will show in desktop version. In mobile version, homepage will display only post title, thumbnail and post summary having a read more button. But, it is not hard task to show sidebar, widget or gadget, Navigation menu in blogger mobile template. Just, you have to edit your site template with adding some code. We will show you that in our next post. Just stay us.