How to backup your blogger blog ( with pictures)

After making a blogger blog, all blogger become worry about backup their blog. As a new blogger, they can’t know how to backup blogger blog. But it is easy to backup the whole site. Just,You have to download a XML file of your blogger blog. Generally, Blogger XML file is so little size to download.

Why backup your blogger blog?

We know that blogger is a free hosting platform where we create a blog freely. But, when we make a new post in Blogger or in Blogspot, we upload files, images, videos and more. We have no control over these content. Even, we have no control over our site. Google can delete your blogger site without sending any notice to you. Sometimes, we see that many blogger website of our friends have removed by the google authority.

How to backup your blogger blog ( with pictures)

Another reason to backup your blogger blog is hacking. Your site may hack by the hacker. If you have backup XML file of your website, you can restore your blogger blog. It is very easy to restore your hacked site and it will take a few minutes to restore it. So you should backup your blogger blog for your benefit. Because , we make a post for our blog by very hard working. So, we should give a little time to backup our website.

How to backup your blogger blog

1) At first, go to your blogger dashboard. Then find ‘Setting’ option from the sidebar. After go to  Settings  ›  Other. Then you can see a option name ‘Blog Tools’. There you should find three options- Import blog, Export blog and Delete blog. To want backup your blogger blog, select ‘Export blog’ option now.

Backup your blogger blog

2) After, selecting ‘ Export blog’ you will see a new pop up window having download option. Now  click on ‘ Download blog’, and backup your blogger blog downloading xml file. You are done.

How backup blogger blog


Just keep the downloaded Blogger XML file in save. When you need, you can upload this file through the ‘import blog’ option and you can restore your blogger site easily.