How to backup blogger template and restore it

We customize blogger template with hard working and decorate our blogger blog very charming. But it can be vanished at a moment if your blogger template will be changed or damaged. When you edit blogger template to add a widget in your blog, it can be happened. You can not regain your blog appearance and important setting, if you haven’t restored your blogger template before. As backup blogger blog, it is also important for the site security.

Backup blogger template

Why you backup blogger template ?

It is very important to backup blogger template for the the site security. As usual You need to add various code in your blogger template to add widget in your site. Then your site appearance and site setting may changed. Even your site may face unwanted problem. As the blogger haven’t backup their previous blogger template, they can’t regain their previous setting and site decoration. So you need to backup your blogger template to restore your blogger site setting and apparency. It is very easy to restore blogger template and it will take a few minutes.

There are a another importance issue to backup blogger template. That is visitor satisfactory. If the visitors came your site when your site face this problem, they can take a bad knowledge about your site. So you should be serious about this matter and should backup your blog template regularly.

How to backup blogger template

1) Login your blogger dashboard. Then find ‘Template’ option and click on it. Now you will find a new window like bellow image.

How to backup blogger template

2) Now find ‘Backup/Restore’ button at the right side of the top. Click on it to backup blogger template. Then you will see a new pop up window like following image.

How to backup blogger template 2

3) Download the blogger template XML file clicking on ‘ Download full template’ button and save this template file in safe in your own computer. Now You are done.

How to restore blogger template

1) Go to Template > Backup / Restore again. Now you can see a button named ‘ Choose file ‘ at the bottom of the pop up window.

2) Click on ‘Choose File’ and select the blogger template XML file from your computer which you downloaded before. Now upload the template file. When the uploading will be succeed your blog looks as the uploaded template.