How to add meta description in blogger (with screenshot)

Adding meta description is an important dashboard setting in Blogger. ‘How to add meta description in blogger blog?’ is a common question from the beginners blogger. They think that it is hard task to insert a meta tag in blogger. But adding meta tag in blogspot or blogger is so easy. In our previous post about blogger dashboard setting, we showed it shortly. Now we will describe it details and will show you how to add a unique meta description in your blogger site.

How to add meta description in blogger blog

What is Blogger Meta description?

Meta description is actually a HTML attribute which describes a short explanations of a post or web page. It hasn’t any role to increase or decrease the page rank. It is just a snippets display of a web page in search engine result. When we search anything in different search engine, we see a short description. A Meta tags description example is given bellow having in search result .

How to add meta description in blogger


Generally, Bloggers add meta description in their site by some HTML codes. Like-

<meta expr:content=”data:blog.pageName” name=”description”/>

They add it within <head></head> html tag. But as a blogger blog, you needn’t add this HTML attribute in your template. You can add meta description in blogger from Search preferences setting option of your blogger site.

How to add meta description in blogger

1) Login your blogger dashboard. Find ‘Setting’ from sidebar and go to ‘ Search preferences’. Then you will see ‘Meta Tags’ above the opened window.  Click on ‘Edit’.

How to add meta tags in blogger

2) Now you have to enable search description by clicking ‘Yes’.

How to insert meta description in blogger

3) Here you have to add a short description about your site. Mind that your meta description will be 150 characters maximum . You should add meta description about the main keywords of your website. Now save changes and you are done.

How to insert meta tags in blogger
To to add meta description in blogger is not like adding meta tags in individual blogger posts. That is an another way. Inserting meta tags in blogger post is so much important for SEO and increasing traffic in your site. We will describe that in our next post. Just stay us.