How to add gadgets / widgets in blogger blog

Gadget is a important application of the Blogger. It may be JavaScript or HTML and It can be added in blog posts or pages . It is also known as widget in wordpress and other CMS. By adding this gadget you can give a good look of your blog. Adding recent post widget , Popular post widget, category post widget etc can be done by only this blogger application. As a new blogger , you may face trouble to add gadgets in your site. We see that ‘how to make a widget for blogger ?’ is a common question from the beginner. It is very easy to add gadgets to blogger. Now see our todays post bellow.

how to add a widget in blogger

How to add gadgets to blogger blog

1) At first, login your blogger dashboard and go to the blogger home page of your site. Now you should see some options likely Posts, Pages, Comments, Stats, Earning, Template , Layout and more. Among of them, Select ‘Layout’ option.

How to add gadgets in blogger

2) When you click on the ‘ Layout’ option, you will enter a new window like bellow image. Now, find ‘Add a Gadget’ and click on that option to add gadgets in your Blogger site.

How to add gadgets in blogspot

3) You should see a pop up window to add gadgets. There are many gadget there. Choose your favorites and continue to next step. If you want to add HTML or JavaScript widget, then select ‘HTML/ JavaScript’ adding gadget. You should see a new pop up window named ‘Configure HTML/JavaScript’. Now give the name of your new gadget and paste the HTML or JavaScript in the content box.

How to add widgets in blogger

4) Lastly ‘Save’ your widget and You are done.

How to change widget position in Blogger :

You can also change the blogger widget position according your choice. Blogger gadget is easily movable. Because in Blogger template there are many widget section in where the widgets embed. Just click on the gadget which you want to change it’s position and drag it to the new place. We think that you can realize it to see the bellow image.

How to change widget position in Blogger

Above the image, you can see ‘About me’ widget in widget section 2. Now you want to change it’s position in section 1. Just drag the widget and put it on section 1 area. Now you are done. Settings will be saved automatically.