How to earn money online from your own blog

Earn money online is the goal of all bloggers. Every blogger want to make money from their blog. If you are able to make money from your blog, you will also feel well to continue your blogging. So you can expect money from your blog. Because, you are working hard, give enough time to your blog. How to earn money online from your own blogBut it is a hard work to earn money by your blog, if you will not continue your blogging properly and right way. We see that many of us are stayed at blogging for many years, but can’t earn money online by their site. Then we become hopeless to see them. Every successful  blogger has a nice blogging history and they continued their blogging career with a technique and proper way.

If you want to make a huge money from your blog at starting time, that is not possible any way. Because to earn a accepted amount, you must build your site first. You have to make the high quality posts and update your site regularly. Then, a good time will be waited for you and you will be able to earn from your site. Through a good, high quality contented site, you can earn money online from hundreds way. Just, you need to build a good contented blog. In 2015 you can earn money online from your blog by Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, direct advertising, product & services and many ways.

Best ways to earn money online from own blog

1) Google Adsense :

Google Adsense is the most popular and reliable earning platform from the blog. It is so much popular for it’s good service and right time payment. You can earn a good amount of money from Google Adsense program, if your blog has a good traffic. Google Adsense will give you a satisfactory revenue that you will not get from other advertising programs. If your site has about 1000 unique visitors daily you should earn 500$/month. To earn money from adsense, you have to need a approved Adsense account from Google. Then you can make money from your blog placing adsense in your site.

2) Affiliate programs :

Affiliate programs is a another popular platform to make money by blog. Day by day this earning platform is becoming popular. Because, by this program you can earn a big amount of money from your blog. By selling products or reviews, you can make affiliate programs. There are many website like Amazon , Alibaba through which you can do affiliate marketing and will get a good amount. Just, you will make a good review and help to sell their products. After selling their products, you will get a selected percent of commission from the selling amount.

3) Direct Banner & Text ads :

Nowadays, The site owner direct contact with the advertiser and place their advertisement in their blog. Blog owner give the banner and text ads of that advertiser as well as the company in their blog and earn a big amount of money. But it is possible then when your site become popular and has large traffic. Your blog rank also important for this program.

4) Reviews & Services :

There are many sites in online which help you to earn money by writing reviews of their products.  Bluehost, Hostgator, different theme & template provider etc are those site. They give you a commission from selling their products through your review post. They give you a coupon code decreased the product value to attract your visitors to buy that product. And by this way you can make money from you blog.


Besides above, there are numerous ways to earn money online from your site. But, we have described only the popular and reliable ways. Every earning programs has a own policy. So when you start to earn by them, you should aware about their policy. If you place Google Adsense in your site, you can’t earn money from affiliate marketing. Because Google Adsense doesn’t allow your site with affiliate programs. So, be aware about this type of matter and make long your earning history.