Top 5 duplicate content checker tools on the web

What is the best duplicate content checker tool? It is a common question from of all us. Content scrapping is a big problem for of all bloggers. It is very important for your search and website ranking as you are a site owner. Some stupid so called bloggers or site owner scarab the site contents of others to their blog. As a result, the sufferers blogger lose their site traffic for having duplicate content. It is very difficult to stop the copying of the site contents for any site owner. Anyone can scarab your content without your permission. Then your content will not get good traffic for the duplicate one. Google and other search engine can not recognize actually what is real one. They penalize the whole content for search result. Though you can not stop scrapping, but you can find out who scrapped your contents. You can do this by some excellent duplicate content checker tools. We explained those in bellow.

Top 5 duplicate content checker tools

1) Google Search :

Google Search - duplicate content checker

You may think that how Goole search is a duplicate content checker. But it really a helpful duplicate content checker to find out the duplicate contents of your site. You can locate out to where your blog contents were copied. It is completely free and you can use it unlimited times. Just by a technical search you can check your duplicate content here. Pick up 1-2 lines from your specific blog post. After paste that on your browser search bar within the double quests ( ” lines from the posts”). In search result you can see the duplicate content of your site if anyone copied that.


2. CopyScape

CopyScape - duplicate content checker

CopyScape is the most famous duplicate content checker tool on the web. It permits you lookup for duplicates content of your blog. Simply type in the URL of your site’s post to discover when there are any kind of copied contents on the web. You can check out couple of contents everyday for free version. If you require to check numerous content, buy CopyScape premium version.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly - duplicate content checker

Though we know that Grammarly is a Grammar and Spelling checker, but it is also a best plagiarism checker. It will review your text with more than 8 billion website pages. It will also check out for more than 250 types of grammatical errors. If you are a blogger or a online article writer, I would recommend you to apply this tool to increase your writing quality with free from grammatical mistakes. It also has a great Google Chrome extension for using easily.

4. DupliChecker

DupliChecker - duplicate content checker

DupliChecker is a another great plagiarism checker . This free duplicate content checker tool allows you to complete 50 searches in a day. For getting this you have to be a registered member. Really It is very simple to use. Just input the text of your blog contents (Maximum. 1500 words) or upload Docx/Text file of your contents. Then click on Search. And you will find the analysis report in a second.

5. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma - duplicate content checker

Plagiarisma allows you to check out the plagiarism by adding text or URL It supports over 190 languages. To look at duplicate content, enter the text into the text box or URL After, just click on the ‘Check’ button. It will display genuine content on yellow color and copied content on gray color. It also provides a computer software.