How to create a custom wordpress page template

Are you trying to create a custom wordpress page template? Don’t worry. It is a easy way to make a custom wordpress page template. We see that many WordPress sites  owners use different types of layouts  in their site. A custom template in wordpress will give you different appearance in same regular pages. It will give you many layouts in which you can arrange your website content with different appearance. Today we will show you how to create a custom wordpress page template easily for your site.

What is custom wordpress page template?

We see that by default way WordPress allows us to create posts or pages. But your WordPress theme maintains the appearance of your pages. This appearance are controlled by a wordpress template file named page.php. This wp template file control the appearance of all single pages those you have created in your WordPress site. But, These all pages are not same. You can give these different look creation custom page template. By making little changes in layout and appearance, you can make them more unique and more useful. If you want to create a custom wordpress page template, you have to gain basic knowledge on HTML, CSS, and PHP. Otherwise you may face trouble with your wordpress site. ♣ See More : Newly installed wordpress site settings with SEO.

How to create a custom wordpress page template?

To create a WordPress custom Page Template, use your computer’s text editor. Now go to your wordpress site directory on your server where you have installed your WordPress site. Then find the directory of your wordpress theme. Generally it will be looked like“/wp-content/themes/Them1” where “Them1” is your installed theme name.

Now you have to create your custom wordpress page template file. Create a file named “cover_page.php”. After add the bellow code to it:

Template Name: Cover Page

<?php get_header(); ?>
Here's my cover page!
<?php get_footer(); ?>

Now your wordpress custom page template is ready to use. Keep in mind that your custom page template name is Cover Page. You will use it as a custom page template in your site. When you want to give this custom page template appearance for your new post or page, you have to select this template from ‘Attributes’ option at sidebar. The name of ‘Cover Page’ will show up in the drop down menu in where you select to create a custom page in wordpress.

How to create a custom wordpress page template

You can add additional features in your a custom wordpress page template. The other lines in this file simply include the header and footer of your blog. You can add more HTML features those will display in middle of your page.