How to create a new wordpress post (with screenshot)

WordPress is the largest CMS system in website arena. There are more attraction to this CMS among the website owner or bloggers. A huge facilities are present here. Again SEO compatibility is so much important for any website. Without SEO friendly site has no value among the search engines. If your site is not seo friendly, you mustn’t become successful in website business as well as blogging. So, you should need to make a seo friendly website first. WordPress also ahead in this case. Because, wordpress is the most SEO friendly CMS in the world. Today’s post is for only the wordpress beginners.  We see that a new comer in WordPress can’t create a new wordpress post . They face many problem to make a post here. Eventually, they can’t find out what’s the option work for. We showed how to create a new wordpress post bellow. It is just same to make a new post in blogger blog that we showed before. Now see How to create a new wordpress post here.

How to create a new wordpress post

1) At first login your website dashboard. After landing in homepage find out ‘Posts‘ option from the sidebar. Now drop-down ‘Posts’ button and click on ‘New‘. Then a new window will be opened. You can also open a new page to create a new wordpress post by clicking on plus (+New) button at top in wordpress new version.

create post in wordpress

2) However, now write your post title first in ‘Post Title box’. Keep your title within 70 characters to make it more seo friendly. This is the maximum recommendation from the Google. If your post title is so long, then some text of your title can not showing in search engine result. So keep it within consideration.

3) At this stage you should edit your permalink. Because, in default setting your permalink may be long or ugly. Which will make bad effect on search engine. Have you set your site permalink structure as %postname%? If you haven’t, change your website permalink to post name. Otherwise, you may loss a large number of visitors. Because, it is the most seo friendly permalink structure for wordpress.

3) It is the time to input your article or post content here. Write your post content in this post body box that we added bellow. To make more attractive and successful blog post use options above the post body. There you can get many options such as heading tag (H1, H2, H3), Link, Justify, font, Media, Align etc to use in your post.

How to create post in wordpress
4) Now, add a category in your post from the right side. Try to select one category to best user experience. Category has no good effect on SEO. Because, it increase the duplicate contents for the site. We will discuss details about this in our next post.

How to make post in wordpress

5) After adding category, you can add some tags. Though it has no good impact on seo like category. To add a tag write category like words and separate each topic with coma (,). Then click on ‘Add‘. You can mean tag as the additional category which is not use as main.

create blog post in wordpress
6) Now, upload your post featured image to make the post more attractive. It has also a important SEO value for this post. Because in every post you should insert ‘Alt tag’ least one picture. Don’t forget add alt in your uploaded picture to make it more seo friendly. At last publish your post clicking on ‘Publish‘ button. You can also save your current post to publish later clicking on ‘Save Draft‘ button.

How to make post in wordpress
These is the basic way to create a new wordpress post. We hope you understood this tutorial easily. If you have any question or face trouble to create a new wordpress post, please leave a reply in bellow comment box. Thank you wall.