How to configure wp super cache wordpress plugin

My site is not faster, my site’s page loading time is increased, there are many feedback we get from the beginners. For becoming a new comer they can not set up wordpress site properly. As a result face such kind of problem. Today, we will show how configure WP Super Cache plugin and how to make faster your wordpress blog. Specially, Caching system is one of the best benefit from wordpress cms. By this caching mechanism, you can make your site more faster. You can speed up your website loading time. There are many caching plugins to use in WordPress. Among theme W3 Total cache and WP Super Cache plugin are the best wordprss caching plugin. As a beginners in wordpress you should use WP Super Cache plugin in this case. Because the configuration of Super Cache is so easier and you needn’t having any coding skill. So, try with this wordpress caching plugin and make your site more faster easily.

configure wp super cache wordpress plugin

Why you require WP Super Cache plugin?

When we speak regarding performance in WordPress, we learn caching mechanism assists a ton to save server operation time as well as decrease the load time. A plugin like WP Super Cache generates the static pages of your website, that lowers the page serving time and also fewer number of PHP calls, since without caching, your page load will certainly increase. Getting a caching system on WordPress in a shared hosting is important for smooth working of your WP website. WP super cache WordPress plugin is the type of plugin which allows you optimizing your database by creating static HTML files and that is applied to serve the request. By doing this while any page is asked for from your site, static page will be provided rather than running all PHP scripts. Specifically if you have shared hosting, where we possess plenty of restrictions such as no of processor usage for the single instance. So, the ideal guidance is to optimize your WordPress blog prior to you end up crashing your server or even showing page loading problem.

How to Install and configure WP Super Cache:

As I pointed out above, WP Super cache is a simple plugin. You needn’t hard work to configure anything. In this article I’m including the screenshot of my WP Super Cache plugin configuration, that will support you to configure your cache plugin rapidly.

If you learn how to Install WordPress plugin, only search for “Super cache” from wordpress dashboard. Then install that and also activate it on your WordPress blog. When installed, you have to turn on the cache through going to Settings > WP Super cache.

configure wp super cache wordpress plugin

They provide many functions, but for non-technical persons here are several configurations, that will assist you to begin. I’m talking about the option in several tab, that you need to enable for faster loading of your pages:

You need to set up Easy and Advanced options. CDN is also an important setting, but as a first user you should avoid it. We must show you how to set up CDN in wordpress blog in our next post. Just Select these bellow options from Easy and Advanced configure wp super cache wordpress plugin.

Easy : Cache on > Update Status

  • Wp Super cache settings


  • Cache hits to this website for quick access. (Recommended)
  • Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files.
  • Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors. (Recommended)
  • Cache rebuild. Serve a super cache file to anonymous users while a new file is being generated.(Recommended)
  • Mobile device support.
  • Clear all cache files when a post or page is published or updated.

In case you find an error such as difference in mod_rewrite or .htaccess rule, below the advance tab option, shows up to Mod rewrites rule and then just click on “Update mod_Rewrite rules.”

When you have configured both the tabs, it is time to verify if Super Cache plugin is covering cached file or not. Just go to the Easy tab and then apply the option of Test cache below “Cache tester”. And in case everything runs fine, your Super cache configuration is lastly complete