How to set SEO friendly permalinks structure in wordpress

Clean and SEO friendly permalinks is one of the benefits from WordPress. It is a great feature of wordpress CMS. Again a SEO friendly and fresh permalink structure of a website has great impact on search engine. Now, the question is what is the SEO friendly permalinks for site. Today we will show you the right SEO friendly permalinks structure and how it can be set in wordpress site. It is an important WordPress setting that you should set up after installing wordpress in your site. We said in short in our previous post about this. Now this is the time to describe details. Now see what is the best SEO friendly permalinks structure for any website.

What is seo friendly permalinks for a site?

There are many permalink structures for a site. We see those when we visit different websites. Website Permalink as post id (%post_id%), as post category (%category%), as post name etc are present. But %postname% permalink structure is the best SEO friendly permalinks for the websites. You know that the good looking content or anything has a great appeal among of all us. Now the all search engines are up to date. Google has already changed their search algaridham and made more user friendly. Notice a permalink bellow.

You can see that it is so ugly and not well differentiated. Actually it has less SEO effect on search engine. Now, see the bellow permalink.

Here you can see that the permalink is so well and haven’t no additional characters. It shows the post title name only. It is a good practice to add the post name only in url. If you set your site permalink as post name, than you will get more SEO benefit from it. Because, before crwalling your content, search engines will crwall your post URL first.

How to set SEO friendly permalinks structure in wordpress

1) Login your wordpress dashboard. Then find out ‘Settings‘ option from left sidebar.
2) Go to Settings>Permalinks and check out ‘Post name‘ to make more SEO friendly permalinks.

How to set SEO friendly permalinks structure in wordpress
3) Now, Click on ‘Save Changes‘ button to save changes.

Caution : The old WordPress site will be needed to set 301 redirection to change the permalink. Because, it is essential to prevent losing of visitors from previous url. So, you have to redirect old URL to new URL. It is a easy task to redirect all URL of a WordPress website to changed URL. By creating a .hitaccess file you can do that. We will show you that in our next post. If your site is new and haven’t more posts, you needn’t to set up 301 redirect setting. So, to make more SEO friendly permalinks, change your ugly permalink now.