How to add dofollow link or nofollow link in Blogger

Dofollow and nofollow link is a important matter for any blog. Because these two type links make your blog rank up or down.How to add dofollow link or nofollow link in Blogger blog About all beginners get worry to add dofollow link or nofollow link in their blogger blog. Even they think that if they add a external link in their site, their site rank will be down. But it is a false thought about adding a link in a site. Because if you add your all external links as nofollow, then your site rank will not be down. Again to add dofollow link among of all internal links in your site is a good practice for SEO. It is on page seo which improve your site performance in search engine.

What is dofollow link?

Now the question is that what is dofollow link. Specially dofollow link is a such type of link in which search engine can enter and crawl. It express by a HTML tag. We see the HTML attribute of a simple link like bellow-

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Bloggermaking</a>

But the real HTML tag for a dofollow link like bellow tag-

<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”dofollow”>Bloggermaking</a>

But to add dofollow link in a blogger blog you needn’t to add the above html tag. The all internal link of a blogger site are as dofollow link. It is set as default in blogger blog.

What is nofollow link?

Nofollow link is such type a link in which the search engine robot can’t access or can’t crawl. It indicates by a html tag like bellow attribute-

<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Bloggermaking</a>

For all external link you should add nofollow attribute. It will help you to reduce your page rank. The above html markup disallow the search engine robot to access the nofollow link.

How to add dofollow link in Blogger

1) First select your display text in which you want to add dofollow link.

How to add dofollow or nofollow link in Blogger

2) Then click on the link button from menu bar then you will see a popup window like the following image.

How to add dofollow or nofollow link in Blogger 1

3) Now paste your link address in the web address box and finally click on ‘OK’.

4) You are done to add dofollow link in your blog now.

How to add nofollow link in Blogger

1) It is a similar work like adding dofollow link in your site that we written above. Just follow the steps from 1-3.

2) Now select “Add ‘rel=nofollow’ attribute” and click on ‘OK’ button. Your nofollow link will be added.

How to add nofollow link in Blogger

You can check your link if they have added as dofollow or nofollow link. Just turn your posting page in HTML mode to see it. You can not see ‘rel=dofollow’ attribute in HTML mode for all dofollow link in blogger. You will see that as a simple link. But don’t worry, Google accept these all internal link as doffollow if you haven’t added these as nofollow.