WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – which is better?

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – which is better? What’s the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org? These are the most typical questions from the new bloggers. Well, if you answer it as simply- one is limited, but other is not. Again The WordPress.com is free, the WordPress.org is not. You will just receive a sub-domain from WordPress.com, yet its’ totally free. Sub-domain is a part of main domain of any site. As an example, my site’s main domain name is BloggerMaking.com. If my sub-domain’s first part is TechBlog, then my entire sub-domain name will be TechBlog.BloggerMaking.com. Today, We are going to discuss on WordPress.com vs WordPress.org as the part of our current series “WordPress tutorial for beginners Step by Step“. However, now check out WordPress.com vs WordPress.org bellow.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Before I transferred on Self-Hosted WordPress, My site was in WordPress.com. I prefer to let you know wherever else you can start a free blog with a sub-domain other than WordPress.com. These place are tumblr.com, blogger.com or weebly.com. When you decide to go as well as sign up on WordPress.com, you will get a domain name just like- YourBlog.WordPress.com. When you choose self-hosted WordPress site, you will get your domain name similar to – YourBlog.com

On the problem, your website address will charge you about $10 each year. It’s not really a lot, however still some money. You will have got limits storage space for your blog on WordPress.com. In WordPress.com, there are around a hundred free themes to pick from. But, in WordPress.org (self-hosted wordpress) has more than 1500 free themes to pick from.

In WordPress.org, you will get different plugins and add-ons. They will permit you to definitely customize your website. Again You can not add different plugins and themes in WordPress.com free blog. Your free blog will also be limited in space in which your site’s content will be stored. Meaning that if you upload heavy file sized images and videos – you may have to sign up as their premium services which cost’s $99 per year. What’s the negative aspect for avoiding the space limits with WordPress? You will have to sign up for web hosting (Ex. Bluehost), that is approximately $3.49 per month. If You are really interested to create a seo friendly wordpres, you check top 10 best web hosting providers list.

However, You can’t claim you as the owner of your contents on WordPress.com. Though it is difficult to believe, but it is really true. You can’t own the contents nor the blog in which you’re posting on. WordPress owns it as their legal terms. Therefore they can shut it down any time when they want. That’s the primary cause it’s totally free. In a self-hosted WordPress site, you can claim as a owner of your content and you can also sell it without having any permissions from anyone. You can put ads and even monetize your blog. But you can not do that on a free WordPress blog.

People will not consider you seriously when you are in WordPress.com. Don’t take me wrong. Actually, WordPress.com is best place for a little personal blog which will not be utilized over a month. However. when you plan to be a real blogger, you must have your own domain name as well as own web hosting. I’m working with self-hosted WordPress for many years. But, Unfortunately, I began with a free WordPress blog by WordPress.com.
After, i needed to shifted to self-hosted WordPress Blog.
In case you are really serious on blogging, keep back WordPress.com an go with WordPress.org. But, If you are simply beginning, in that case free plateform may be an simple option, but I don’t suggest it. Because, Possibly you are creating a website or making a blog – free platforms are becoming increasingly more strict regarding the rules and permitted contents. They may remove your website without any alerts at all. You do not possess total control over your website. It indicates passively that they can include random advertisements on the blog which make it as cheap and “spammy”.

Which is better?

Actually, i don’t recommend you the specific one. You can realize what is the best for you after through out the WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. I tell you again, If you are really serious on blogging and dream on it to earn some money, then go to – Make a wordpress website step by step. After, get yourself a real self-hosted WordPress blog. If you haven’t any target to get a website for permanently, then you can pick up a limited time free blog on WordPress.com.